Getting to Know the Characters in “Rumpelstiltskin”


– a strange little man

Evidence: Suddenly there is a scratching noise and a strange little man with a long pointed nose climbs through the window.

– mysterious (little is known about him)

Evidence: “Rumpelstiltskin is my name.”

– has magical powers (can spin straw into gold)

Evidence: In the morning Lisa wakes to find a heap of shining gold instead of straw.

– emotional (gets angry easily)

Evidence: The little man gives a great cry of rage and stamps his feet.


– a sensible girl

Evidence: “Father, don’t be silly.”

– a thoughtful girl

Evidence: “Oh Father, please be quiet. I’m sure the King is in a hurry.”

– can bake well

Evidence: “Twenty currant buns, twelve jam tarts, and one apple pie. All fit for a King to eat.”

– modest and simple

Evidence: “Of course I can’t spin straw into gold.”


– a rather foolish boaster (boastfulness lands Lisa in trouble)

Evidence: “I know. Ask her to spin straw into gold.”

– silly and unwise (asks Lisa to promise Rumpelstiltskin whatever he wants and break the promise if need be)

Evidence: “Promise him whatever he asks.” “Forget about it. Don’t worry. You’ll be miles away by then.”

– proud of his daughter

Evidence: “My daughter, Lisa made it and she’s the cleverest girl there ever was.”

– repentant (learns a lesson in the end – not to boast ever again)

Evidence: “Yes, we’ve learnt our lesson. We’ll never boast about you again – even if you are the best daughter in the world and we’ve got the very best little grandson.”


– silly (imagines Lisa can spin straw into gold)

Evidence: “But Lisa, you’re so clever, you probably could spin straw into gold if you tried.”

– proud of her daughter

Evidence: “I hope he visits us so I can show him all the wonderful things you’ve made.”

– simple-minded

Evidence: “Tell him you’ll give him something when you get home.”

– repentant (apologises to Lisa for landing her in trouble)

Evidence: “If it wasn’t for us, you wouldn’t have been in this mess.”


– greedy (wants more and more gold)

Evidence: “I need more gold.”

– selfish (his reason for marrying Lisa is because she can spin straw into gold or so he thinks)

Evidence: “If you can spin it all into gold, I’ll make you my Queen.”

– cruel (threatens to cut off Lisa’s head if she cannot show him the gold that he wants)

Evidence: “But remember…if it isn’t turned into gold by tomorrow morning, I’ll cut off your head.”


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